Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Tale of John Edwards: A Poem About A Politician and Adultery

"A Tale of John Edwards"
By Richard Goolsby
John Edwards--Is he just a politician
Whose morals were lax?
Please pull up a chair,
As we examine the facts.
Son of Senaca, South Carolina,
From a poor ma and pa,
John earned a law degree
From the N.C. School of Law.
His career shot high,
Just like a shuttle rocket,
John could make jurors cry,
While he picked their pockets!
John earned millions from trials,
He was set for life.
John began a family,
With Elizabeth, his wife.
But John yearned for more,
This "giant among men,"
"Why not try politics,
With my Jimmy Carter grin?"
In '98, John first won
When he ran for the Senate,
He made more women swoon
Than Buble to Bennett.
John was as slick a politician
As politicians can get.
John was so slick he could swim
Without getting wet!
Then, in '04, John lost
As Kerry's running mate.
Then, he lost again,
On his own, when he ran in '08.
His true colors were clear,
No if's, ands, or buts,
We all saw his hypocrisy
With his two hundred dollar haircuts!
In his hypocritical campaign
About "Two Americas,"
One day, out of the blue,
There..."She" was!
That day, John met Rielle,
A young film producer,
Did he think it was wise
When he began to seduce her?
How low did John go
When he began to romance her?
Should you consider he left home
A wife sick with cancer?
An affair in hiding,
A marriage defiled,
A career in ruins,
A little love child.
Still lower did John go?
How much did it bother
When he first denied the affair,
And then, that he was the father?
Did he make a sex tape?
Will the feds eat his dinner?
Will an aide's "tell-all" book
Make John a loser or winner?
Now, you can decide,
Is John a lecher, or a faker,
A player, or a cheater,
Like in the Benatar song, "Heart Breaker?"
Or will you decide
We should forgive and forget?
Is John Edwards no worse
Than the Clintons we've met?
As for me, it is clear
About this grinning "mouse among men,"
I never want to hear
About John Edwards again!

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