Friday, January 29, 2010

Divorce and Not Believing Everything You Hear!

Do you want some good advice? The advice is: Don't believe everything you hear! This advice is particularly true in divorce or child custody cases. If you aren't careful, you may get some really bad information "out there."
Believe me, as a divorce lawyer, I know what I am talking about. Every day, we get telephone calls and email from people who have questions about divorce, adultery, child custody, or some other aspect of Georgia family law. (Our divorce attorneys offer a free initial consultation to anyone who has a question about divorce, so, as you can imagine, we get a tremendous number of calls). And one thing we have learned is that there is a lot of bad information "out there" which people sometimes rely upon to their detriment.
For instance, I recently received one telephone call from a person who wanted to know if it is true that, in Georgia, you can no longer get alimony. Also, another caller wanted to know if it is true that, in order to prove adultery in Georgia, you have to catch your spouse and their lover in bed. In each case, we carefully answered "no" and discussed what it takes to get alimony, or to prove adultery.
The bottom line is that you can't believe everything you hear about divorce law, or about anything else! Instead, you should consult with an experienced divorce lawyer before jumping to any conclusions! And that is the best possible advice I could give to anyone today!

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