Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Celebrity Divorces: Sandra Bullock

After widespread news reports of her husband's alleged adultery, popular actress Sandra Bullock has reportedly just filed for divorce. But the same news reports also revealed a nice surprise! They revealed that Ms. Bullock and her spouse, Jesse James, had adopted a baby boy back in January. According to news reports, Ms. Bullock intends to seek custody of their adopted son and she will raise him as a single parent.
This case raises some interesting issues about single parenting. Single parenting is nothing new in this country, or in most places around the world. Indeed, according to Wikipedia, in 2006, 12.9 million families in the United States were headed by single parents. 80% of them were headed by single mothers.
Naturally, single parenting presents some challenges. In many cases, it means that there is only one income to support the family. There are also some social challlenges, such as, in some cases, the lack of a father for father-daughter events. What other challenges are there for families headed by single parents?
Don't you agree that single parenting CAN work?! Children of divorce can and do grow up to be well adjusted adults. Perhaps you know some success stories! What do you think?
In any event, I am confident that all of us wish Ms. Bullock success in raising her adopted son!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Celebrity Divorces: Tiki Barber

Have you pro football fans read the news about Tiki Barber, the former great New York Giants running back? According to news reports, Barber's divorce lawyer has been served with divorce papers by his wife's divorce attorney. His wife is reportedly confined to a hospital bed while being close to the delivery of the couple's third child. Also, according to the news reports, the football celebrity has reportedly been seen squiring his new girl friend, a 23 year old former N.B.C. network intern, around New York City.
Now, it is important to emphasize that these are merely reported allegations of infidelity and that none of us can really know the accuracy of these reports. Also, even if reports of the divorce filing are accurate, Mr. Barber has the right to require his spouse to prove adultery and to present his side of the case to a divorce court.
However, whether or not the allegations in this particular divorce case are true, this is certainly not the first time a celebrity has been caught "up to no good," or committing adultery, is it? Also, you would hate to see anyone treated this way while in the hospital, wouldn't you? And don't such celebrity divorce cases make you wonder, sometimes, if some celebrities feel "entitled" to lead a different kind of life, with different behavioral standards, or moral codes?
I'll bet you and I could come up with a long list of celebrity cheaters very quickly, couldn't we? Who is on your list? For example, John Edwards, Tiger....

Monday, April 26, 2010

Divorce "Joke of the Day!"

Okay, as a divorce lawyer in Augusta, Georgia, I certainly realize that divorce is no laughing matter! And while we usually try to offer here some practical divorce information for you to discuss with your own divorce lawyer, sometimes we also simply try to entertain you and try to make a dry topic less dry! So, here goes with another attempt at a divorce "joke of the day!"

One day, the shopping carts of two old men collided while the old men were separately shopping at Walmart. They began talking and soon discovered that they each had become separated from their wives while shopping there. They decided to help each other look for their missing wives.

The first old man said to the second old man, "Describe your wife for me." The second old man replied, "Well, last year, after going through a horrible divorce from my ex-wife of forty years, I found a sweet young thing and got re-married. My new wife is a 25 year old blonde, and today, she's wearing a polka dot mini-skirt." The second old man then said to the first old man, "So, now, you tell me what your wife looks like."

"Never mind," said the first old man. "We'll just look for your's!" Okay, okay, I promise no more "jokes of the day" for a while!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Celebrity Divorces: Valerie Bertinelli

Why is popular American actress Valerie Bertinelli being featured today in a blog written by an Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyer about divorce? No, she hasn't recently gotten another divorce! The simple answer is ... today is her birthday!
For many fans, Ms. Bertinelli is still remembered as one of the stars of the popular t.v. sitcom, "One Day At A Time." Of course, she still accepts acting roles and is also known for her success as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig.
However, there is a divorce angle here! Other fans will also recall that, in 2007, Ms. Bertinelli divorced from singer Eddie Van Halen.
But today, we just want to say, "Happy Birthday, Valerie Bertinelli!"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Divorce and Who (Not) To Bring With You When You Meet Your Divorce Lawyer

In this blog about divorce and divorce law in Georgia, we attempt to give you some helpful tips about divorce and practical ideas for you to discuss with your own divorce lawyer.
So, here is another practical tip about who you should, and perhaps who you should NOT, take with you when you go to see your divorce attorney!
Is it okay to bring your kids when you meet with your divorce lawyer?
First of all, let's talk about your kids. Is it okay to take them? Ideally, you will be able to find a baby sitter, or family member, to watch your children, so that you can openly discuss your divorce with your divorce lawyer, without a lot of interruptions. But as a practical matter, we, at the Goolsby Law Firm, recognize that you may be unable to find a baby sitter. So, at our law firm, we keep some toys and coloring books handy, to keep the kids busy, in case you must bring them, too!
What about other family members or friends?
But let's talk about other family members. Should you bring your parents, siblings, or best friend, when you meet with your divorce lawyer? There is no simple, one-size-fits-all answer to this question. In some cases, for example, your mother may be your trusted advisor who can also help explain your situation to your divorce attorney. However, in other situations, your mom may be the type who will dominate the conversation, or make it difficult for you to confide completely in your divorce lawyer. In the latter situation, you should probably consider leaving sweet mom at home! After all, I don't believe toys or coloring books will sufficiently distract her!
Ultimately, you will have to decide who you should bring and who you should leave at home when you see your divorce attorney. But I hope this post will at least help you to carefully consider this issue, and make arrangements, prior to your own appointment with your divorce lawyer.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Celebrity Divorces: Charlie Chaplin

Did you know that famous comic actor Charlie Chaplin, "The Little Tramp," was born on this date in 1889? In 1999, according to Wikipedia, Chaplin was named by the American Film Institute as the tenth greatest male screen legend of all time.
No one can question Chaplin's contributions to film-making. However, the famous actor led a controversial life outside of acting. Perhaps many of you have read about his left-leaning politics which caused him to leave the United States during the 1950's McCarthy era. But did you know about Chaplin's affinity for young girls?
During his lifetime, Chaplin married, and later divorced, two young girls who were each only 16 years old at the time of their marriages. During her divorce proceedings, the second young woman reportedly claimed that Chaplin had committed adultery with another young girl. He also was reported to have had affairs, or romantic relationships, with other young women.
Charlie Chaplin was indeed a very controversial man. But again, no one can take away from him his incredible contributions to movie making. And the "Little Tramp" was born on this date in 1889.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Celebrity Divorces: Larry King

As a public service, this blog primarily focuses on providing helpful tips and information about Georgia divorce and divorce law. But occasionally, to "spice things up," I try to include a few posts about celebrity divorces and I have even been known to have a few divorce "jokes of the day," every now and then!
Today, here's another post about celebrity divorce! Have you heard the news reports today that the CNN talk-show "king," Larry King, has filed for divorce from his seventh wife?! Isn't that an incredible number of marriages and divorces, even by California standards? According to reports, King and his wife have two children. They married shortly before his heart surgery back in 1997.
Mr. King is apparently in the running for "divorce king," in addition to being talk-show king! Hopefully, King and his spouse will settle amicably, for the sake of their two young children.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Phil Mickelson--Masters Champion

After all the reports of Tiger Woods' marital problems and alleged adultery, wasn't it a pleasant change to see a nice family guy win the Masters Golf Tournament yesterday?!
In my opinion, Phil Mickelson is a champion in more ways than one!
And by the way, just because the Goolsby Law Firm is located in Augusta, Georgia, please don't think that you can hit us up for Masters badges next year! Sometimes, it seems, folks from out of town have a better chance to get tickets than us home town people!
Congratulations, Phil Mickelson, Masters champion and Marital champion!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Divorce and Financial Affidavits

Getting a divorce in Georgia, like elsewhere, I suppose, requires an incredible amount of paperwork and forms. But we, at The Goolsby Law Firm, LLC, at least try to put one of the forms, the financial affidavit, to good use.
Augusta, Georgia judges require all divorcing parties to prepare and submit a financial affidavit prior to the first, temporary hearing. In it, each party must generally set forth all assets, income, and debts. In addition, the financial affidavit contains a budget section in which each party must estimate all of his or her monthly living expenses, from the cost of groceries, to utilities, and other things, such as credit card debt.
It's this last section, the budget section, which we have found can be particularly helpful to many people going through a divorce. For instance, if you are planning to live alone in the future, (or with your kids), it should be a helpful exercise for you to sit down and plan a budget. The budget will then help you understand how much money you are going to need to make ends meet in the future. Then, you will be in a better position to know how much alimony, child support, and other income you will need in your new life!
So, you see, getting a divorce may involve a lot of forms, but some of these forms may be helpful to you in planning your future -- a happy future without your worthless spouse, "Sluggo."

Monday, April 5, 2010

Divorce and How to Prove Adultery

In this blog about Georgia divorce law and divorce lawyers, we have discussed before some of the many ways you can prove adultery in Georgia. But after a telephone conversation with a recent caller, (we offer a free initial consultation at our Georgia divorce law firm), I realized that it is also important to point out that, at least sometimes, proving infidelity isn't so difficult after all. In other words, sometimes your worthless spouse, "Sluggo," may actually admit to cheating if you choose to simply confront him about it.
Now, I realize that every situation is different and that, in many cases, your cheating spouse will just deny adultery until the cows come home. But we have had cases before in which the wayward spouse has actually admitted to it. And the point is that such an admission about infidelity generally constitutes admissible proof in court. Ideally, you will have a trusted friend with you when Sluggo admits to running around on you, but, even if it is just to you, it is important to let your divorce attorney know about it. (Indeed, it is important that you discuss all your questions about your divorce with your own divorce lawyer before you attempt to confront Sluggo, or before you do anything else!)
As I have said before, sometimes, confession may be good for the soul, but it is rarely good for ole' Sluggo when it comes to his confession about adultery!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Divorce and Being a Good Listener

Are you a good listener? I suspect that most of us, at times, could do a better job of listening more and talking less. Don't you agree?
This point also applies in the divorce context -- to both divorce lawyers and clients. In other words, as a divorce lawyer, it is important that I listen carefully to my clients and make sure that I hear and understand what they are saying. But the same is true for divorce clients, too!
For example, if your divorce lawyer tells you that it would be a mistake to join the dating scene until your divorce is final, please listen!
Every relationship, including the attorney-client relationship, requires good communication. And good communication includes being a good listener. Don't you agree?!