Friday, January 8, 2010

Divorce and Domestic Violence: When Do you Take Back An Abusive Spouse?

Divorce lawyers don't always have all the answers! I certainly don't! For example, consider the situation of actor Charlie Sheen, as recently reported in the news.

According to news reports, Mr. Sheen and his wife are now trying to reconcile and work out their issues. The couple have two children and, according to published reports from her attorney, they hope to get past the "bad night," when he allegedly held a knife or made threats against her. Aside from published reports, no one really knows what happened in that situation. And arguably, it is no one else's business, is it? I suppose we all should hope that they can work out any problems they may have between them.

But what about other situations in which domestic violence occurs? In other words, if you were a victim of serious spousal abuse, would you ever "go back" and give your spouse another chance? Would you insist that your partner seek counseling as a condition of returning? Also, should it matter whether or not you have children? Of course, children are often victims of an abusive marriage, too, aren't they? There are so many questions in family law matters, like these questions, which can be difficult to answer!

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