Friday, August 11, 2017

Divorce Costs

Most people who are contemplating a divorce would like to have an idea about both the legal fees and court costs of going through the divorce process. We have discussed before, in this blog about getting a divorce in Augusta, Georgia, the differences between legal fees in a contested versus an uncontested divorce.

Today, we will focus in this post on some of the court costs associated with the Georgia divorce. When you file for a divorce, uncontested or contested, you should expect to be responsible for a clerk of court filing fee of approximately $210.00, plus a sheriff's service fee of about $50.00. But that's only the beginning!

In addition, (on top of your divorce lawyer's legal fees), you should expect to pay for court reporter
fees and, in some cases involving child custody, fees for a guardian ad litem.  Also, you can expect that, in many divorces, you may have the additional costs of mediation.

These are just some of the court-related costs which you could be expected to pay when you file a divorce case in the State of Georgia!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Celebrity Divorces: Anna Faris and Chris Pratt

Did you hear the sad news from Hollywood? According to various news reports, actors Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have legally separated. As we have reported before in this blog dealing with divorces in Augusta, Georgia, celebrities have additional stresses on their marriages. The couple has been
married for about eight years and they have one child.  Here's hoping that Ms. Faris, the popular star of such hit movies as Scary Movie and The House Bunny, along with Mr. Pratt, star of the Guardians of the Galaxies hits, will both find happiness.