Friday, January 15, 2010

Celebrity Divorces: Dennis Hopper

According to news reports, actor Dennis Hopper, who reportedly has been fighting prostate cancer, has also filed for divorce against his wife of 14 years. This is reportedly the fifth marriage for the 74 year old actor. He has had a very long, interesting Hollywood career.
You might want to check out Wikipedia, or numerous other internet sources, to read more about Hopper's impressive acting and directing resume. It is amazing! He actually starred in "Rebel Without a Cause," (in 1955), with actor James Dean, and, of course, "Easy Rider," (in 1969), with Peter Fonda. Two of my other favorite movies of his include "Hoosiers" and "Speed." I also liked his performance in "True Crime." But the list of his fine work is virtually endless!
Here's hoping that things work out for the best in both of Mr. Hopper's current battles.

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