Friday, August 11, 2017

Divorce Costs

Most people who are contemplating a divorce would like to have an idea about both the legal fees and court costs of going through the divorce process. We have discussed before, in this blog about getting a divorce in Augusta, Georgia, the differences between legal fees in a contested versus an uncontested divorce.

Today, we will focus in this post on some of the court costs associated with the Georgia divorce. When you file for a divorce, uncontested or contested, you should expect to be responsible for a clerk of court filing fee of approximately $210.00, plus a sheriff's service fee of about $50.00. But that's only the beginning!

In addition, (on top of your divorce lawyer's legal fees), you should expect to pay for court reporter
fees and, in some cases involving child custody, fees for a guardian ad litem.  Also, you can expect that, in many divorces, you may have the additional costs of mediation.

These are just some of the court-related costs which you could be expected to pay when you file a divorce case in the State of Georgia!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Celebrity Divorces: Anna Faris and Chris Pratt

Did you hear the sad news from Hollywood? According to various news reports, actors Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have legally separated. As we have reported before in this blog dealing with divorces in Augusta, Georgia, celebrities have additional stresses on their marriages. The couple has been
married for about eight years and they have one child.  Here's hoping that Ms. Faris, the popular star of such hit movies as Scary Movie and The House Bunny, along with Mr. Pratt, star of the Guardians of the Galaxies hits, will both find happiness.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


In the past, men and women seeking a good divorce lawyer often went to the telephone
book in order to find one. But those days are almost gone.

Today, a person seeking a divorce attorney will generally do an online search.  He or she
may simply google search terms, such as: Augusta Ga divorce lawyers, or they may
choose to check out online lawyer directories which often list lawyers handling divorces
and provide information about such attorneys, or links to the divorce lawyers' websites.

Of course, some things never change! As in the past, sometimes people seeking a good
divorce lawyer will simply ask relatives or friends about who they recommend as the
best divorce attorney!

We hope you will free to call us at the Goolsby Law Firm, in Augusta, Georgia, if you
would like a free consultation with us and answers to your questions about a divorce
in the Augusta, GA area!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Uncontested Divorce in Georgia: What does it really mean?

Obviously, most people going through a divorce would prefer that the divorce be uncontested and cheap.

But what does an uncontested divorce really mean?

As an Augusta, Georgia divorce attorney, I can tell you that it means more than the simple fact that both parties are wanting to divorce! In other words, for it to truly be an uncontested divorce, it generally requires, among other things, that both parties have agreed to ALL the terms of the divorce and that both parties will cooperate and sign all the documents. In addition, it also means that the terms agreed upon are such that the divorce judge will readily approve the divorce. If even one divorce term is not agreed upon, or if the documents are in a format that the judge will not approve them, then you can still get a divorce, but it may have to be a contested one in which the parties may have to go before a judge.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Uncontested Divorce in Georgia and What It Means

          We, at the Goolsby Law Firm, LLC, frequently receive telephone calls and email inquiries from people seeking information about how to get an uncontested divorce in the
State of Georgia. We thought it might be helpful to recap about some of the important points.

          First, it is important to understand, if you want an uncontested divorce, that you and
your spouse must have agreed on all the essential points, such as child custody and property division.  Also, it is essential that your spouse must fully cooperate and sign all the divorce documents, if it is going to truly be an uncontested divorce.

          In short, for an uncontested divorce to be truly uncontested, it is necessary that you and your spouse have already worked out all the terms, (and in a format which the court will approve), and that your spouse will cooperate and sign all the documents.

          Otherwise, you can still get a divorce, but it will likely be a contested divorce, and it may be necessary to get your spouse served with divorce papers and take him to court.

          I hope this brief summary helps explain some of the differences between uncontested and contested divorces. Of course, it is important for you to discuss these matters and all your questions about divorce with your own divorce lawyer!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Divorce and the Holidays

As Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyers, we generally expect the number of divorces to slow down at this time of year. I am sure it comes as no surprise to you that people will often delay seeking a divorce attorney until after the holidays.

This is especially true in cases involving children. In other words, many people want to wait until after Christmas before having their kids deal with the stress of a divorce.

Of course, after the first of the year, most divorce attorneys in our area will expect to see an uptick in the number of divorce cases, both uncontested and contested divorces.

But, for now, let's enjoy the holidays!

We, at the Goolsby Law Firm, wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Expensive Celebrity Divorces: Robin Williams

[Photo of Robin Williams from wikipedia]
          Divorces, especially if they aren't uncontested divorces, can be expensive! Just ask actor Robin Williams! According to various news reports, Williams is reportedly returning to network television at least in part because of the expense of his two prior divorces! Williams is slated to star in a new t.v. sit-com called "The Crazy Ones!" As the comedian has put it, divorce is like removing your wallet through your heart! Here's hoping for much success for Williams and for a healthier wallet in the new television season!