Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Divorce and the Holidays

As Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyers, we generally expect the number of divorces to slow down at this time of year. I am sure it comes as no surprise to you that people will often delay seeking a divorce attorney until after the holidays.

This is especially true in cases involving children. In other words, many people want to wait until after Christmas before having their kids deal with the stress of a divorce.

Of course, after the first of the year, most divorce attorneys in our area will expect to see an uptick in the number of divorce cases, both uncontested and contested divorces.

But, for now, let's enjoy the holidays!

We, at the Goolsby Law Firm, wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Expensive Celebrity Divorces: Robin Williams

[Photo of Robin Williams from wikipedia]
          Divorces, especially if they aren't uncontested divorces, can be expensive! Just ask actor Robin Williams! According to various news reports, Williams is reportedly returning to network television at least in part because of the expense of his two prior divorces! Williams is slated to star in a new t.v. sit-com called "The Crazy Ones!" As the comedian has put it, divorce is like removing your wallet through your heart! Here's hoping for much success for Williams and for a healthier wallet in the new television season!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Celebrity Marriages and Divorces: Usher's Child Custody Battle

[Photo of Usher from wikipedia]
Are you a fan of Usher? He appeared to be such a nice guy when he appeared as a celebrity judge on "The Voice" this past season! The well-known singer and dancer has sold over 65 million records and has six Grammy awards! But, as we have discussed before in the blog about divorce, Usher, like a lot of celebrities, has also faced his share of divorce and child custody issues.

According to various news reports, Usher's ex has filed for an emergency child custody hearing after their five year old son nearly drowned in a swimming pool at the singer's Atlanta home. Thankfully, the little boy reportedly will be okay!

Here's hoping that Usher and his ex will also find a way to resolve these and other issues without too much public scrutiny. But again, as we have discussed before, the media spotlight can be both a blessing and a curse for many celebrities facing divorce and child custody issues.

Don't you agree? What do you think?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Men or Women: Who Can Detect Adultery More Often?

So, who, in your opinion, can more often detect cheating, or infidelity, by their spouses: men or women?

Well, according to a new study reported in Discovery News, MEN can sense that their wives are cheating, more often, than the wives can detect it! But, according to the report, men were also more frequently wrong about guessing when their spouses were being unfaithful, too!

What do you think? I'm not sure I believe the results of this study!

But, as an Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyer, please let me warn everyone, BOTH men and women, that they should discuss the consequences of infidelity, and how to prove adultery, with their own divorce attorney!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Discovery Responses in Divorce Cases

In the State of Georgia, each party is entitled, through his or her divorce attorney, to engage in various discovery practices, in order to learn more of the facts of the case. For instance, your divorce lawyer may, in some divorce cases, take the deposition of the other party, (or depose "Sluggo's" mistress!). You can also make the other side disclose their financial information and who their witnesses will be.

In addition, your divorce lawyer may elect to submit interrogatories or requests for the production of documents by the other party.

Likewise, your divorce attorney may contact you and tell you that the other side has submitted similar discovery requests to which you must respond. 

But the important point I wanted to make today is that you should discuss with your own divorce lawyer any questions or problems you have in submitting your responses. Also, it is important that you be timely, because, ordinarily, your divorce lawyer will have only thirty days to review, format, and submit your discovery responses to the other attorney.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day From The Goolsby Law Firm

[Mother's Day Depiction from connect-in.com]

"A Mother's Day Memory"

          By Richard Goolsby

Oh, to think of Mother's hug,
Evokes a sentimental tear!
My heart strings pull and tug,
As Mother's Day draws near!

When I was young and ill,
She would rock me through the night.
That old rocker squeaked and squealed,
But still, she held me tight.

I can feel her arms around me,
As she held me late one night.
I can feel her love surround me,
Mother's love makes most things right.

I can see her -- just above me,
I can hear her voice, so clear,
And the words to "Jesus Loves Me,"
From her lips down to my ear.

Yes, it's true -- my mother's gone,
But it's also true, you see,
My mother still lives on,
In my heart and memory!

Happy Mother's Day to all moms "out there!"

Friday, April 26, 2013

Celebrity Divorces: Danica Patrick

[Photo of Danica Patrick from wikipedia]
Well, all you NASCAR fans, it is official! Give her the checkered flag! Yes, the divorce of NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is reportedly final, according to various news sources. You may recall that, earlier, Ms. Patrick had selected an unusual way to inform her fans about her split-up. She did it via Facebook!

Here's hoping that Ms. Patrick and her new beau, reportedly NASCAR racer Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., find happiness while chasing each other around the track!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Celebrity Divorces, Porsha Stewart, and How People Learn About Divorce

[Real Housewives of Atlanta Photo from wikipedia]
How do most people learn that their spouses have filed for a divorce? In most divorce cases, it is fairly simple and straightforward. In other words, in most divorces, the parties tell each other in no uncertain terms about their decisions and all the reasons for it!

But did you hear about how Real Housewives of Atlanta reality t.v. star Porsha Stewart, (shown on the right above), reportedly learned that her husband, former pro quarterback Cordell Stewart had filed for a divorce from her? According to various news reports, Ms. Stewart first learned about it on twitter!!

Every divorce case, whether it involves celebrities or not, is unique. And you should always discuss the facts of your divorce with your own divorce lawyer. But this case certainly involves one of the most unique ways to inform one's spouse about the filing of a divorce! What do you think?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Which Month is "Divorce Month?"

Which month of the year would you guess is the month during which the most divorces are filed? As an Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyer, I wondered why, so I did a little investigative work to learn the answer! Here is what I discovered!

According to some sources, January is the month during which more divorces are filed than any other month. For instance, according to the Huffington Post, some divorce attorneys actually take off the last two weeks of the year to rest up for the added work after the new year begins! 

But according to another source, findlaw, March, not January, is the most "popular" month of the year for couples to file for divorce. This source indicates that, while divorce filings start picking up in January, they reach their peak in March.

Look, as an Augusta, GA divorce lawyer, I believe that March is the correct answer. And here's why. While many couples do try to stay together during the holidays, for the sake of the kids, telephone calls to us, at the Goolsby Law Firm, do start picking up in January, after the holidays are behind. 

But I also believe that more people, at least in this part of Georgia, wait until they get their income tax refunds before they seek a divorce lawyer's help in filing for divorce. So, that is why I agree with findlaw that March is the correct answer as to the busiest month of the year for filing divorces.

But that doesn't mean that plenty of people don't wait and file for divorce in all the remaining months of the year, too. What do you think?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Equitable Division of Marital Property: Tycoon Style

[Photo of Oil Tycoon Harold Hamm from wikipedia]
According to various news reports, oil tycoon Harold Hamm, one of the wealthiest people in the United States, with over $11 billion in Continental Resources oil company stock, may face an equitable division of his wealth, and potential loss of control of his company, following reports that his wife of 25 years, Sue Ann Hamm, has filed for divorce.

As any reader of this divorce blog knows, in the State of Georgia, judges will generally make an equitable division of all marital property. And "equitable" does not always mean equal. In short, in some divorce cases we have seen, (as Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyers), if fault grounds, such as adultery, are proven, then one party may end up with more than one-half of the marital property.

Of course, no one knows the facts or what may happen in the Hamm divorce. But no matter how you slice it, Mr. Hamm will still be left with a sizable estate.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Celebrity Separations and Divorces: Jillian Barberie Reynolds and Grant Reynolds

[Photo of Jillian Barberie Reynolds from wikipedia]
When most folks get divorced, there is little or no fanfare and no public statements issued by publicists. But it is generally not the same for celebrities.

According to various news reports, a representative for actress and t.v. host Jillian Barberie Reynolds announced this week that Ms. Reynolds was divorcing her husband of six years, actor Grant Reynolds. The celebrity couple reportedly has two children.

No matter how a divorce may be announced, here's hoping that this couple, and anyone else going through a divorce, finds peace and happiness in their new lives.

Here's also hoping that if you have any questions about your own divorce from your worthless spouse, "Sluggo," (a celebrity in his own mind), you will avoid public statements, but you will find a good, experienced divorce lawyer near you.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Divorce, Stalking and Protective Orders

[Lady Justice depiction from ehow.com]
As Augusta, Georgia divorce attorneys, we sometimes receive questions about the availability of domestic violence protective orders, (or restraining orders), in Georgia. Generally, there are several ways to get help if your worthless spouse, "Sluggo," gets out of hand.

First and foremost, please call law enforcement if you are afraid for your life, or if a crime in being committed.

In addition, you can discuss with your divorce lawyer whether or not to seek a domestic violence protective order, especially if there has been a history of abuse. While obtaining such an order may add an extra step or two to your divorce, your divorce attorney will be able to help you get the protection you deserve. 

Also, your divorce lawyer may recommend simply relying upon the protection contained in the automatic domestic standing order, which is generally issued by a judge in every contested divorce case in Georgia. This order contains language which expressly forbids domestic violence, (and would therefore support a contempt motion if Sluggo gets out of hand, even if you elect not to go the extra step of seeking a separate protective order).

Finally, you might also consider seeking help from a family violence shelter near you. Here, in Augusta, Georgia, we are fortunate to have the Augusta Shelter which helps abused women every day.

I hope this general information about family violence helps! Again, please discuss all such issues about divorce with your own divorce lawyer!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Celebrity Breakups and Divorce: Diane Lane and Josh Brolin

[Photo of Diane Lane and Josh Brolin from wikipedia]
According to various news reports, on Valentines Day, February 14th, Hollywood actors Diane Lane and Josh Brolin signed divorce documents to end their eight year marriage. The couple reportedly have no children together.

Both actors have very busy, successful acting careers. We have discussed before in this divorce blog, (written by Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyers), about how Hollywood careers can present special stressors on celebrity marriages. Of course, only Brolin and Lane need to know about their own situation which led to this reported breakup and divorce.

What are some of your favorite movies featuring these two actors? As for me, Ms. Lane starred in my favorite television mini-series, Lonesome Dove. I also enjoyed Brolin's performance in the movie, No Country for Old Men.

According to reports, Ms. Lane does a lot of charitable work "under the radar," i.e. without seeking recognition. Here's hoping that these two fine actors find happiness and have continued success.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Celebrity Marriage and Divorce: Steve Martin

[Photo of Comedian Steve Martin from wikipedia]
Steve Martin is one of my favorite comedians! So, I really wanted to figure out a way to write a post about him which is relevant to this blog about divorce, (which is written by an Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyer). Here goes! See how I do!

Have you heard the good news about comedian Steve Martin? According to various news reports, Martin, an avid banjo player, stand up comedian, and talented star of such popular movies as Roxanne, Father of the Bride, and one of my favorites: Plains, Trains, and Automobiles, has just become a new father!

Martin and his wife, Anne Stringfield, have reportedly just had their first child together, but, according to the reports I have seen, no one yet knows the baby's gender. You may recall that Martin divorced actress Victoria Tennant back in 1994 and then later married his current spouse in 2007. I suppose that Martin's re-marriage and becoming a father for the first time, at age 67, illustrates that, frequently, people can go through divorces and still find happiness the second time around! Here's hoping for many blessings for Martin and his new (larger) family! 

So, how did I do? Did I successfully weave together a post about my favorite comedian with a topic related to divorce? I hope so! What is your favorite Steve Martin movie?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Celebrity Separations and Divorces: Tony Danza

[Photo of Tony Danza from wikipedia]
How long does it take to get a divorce? Well, it depends! In the case of actor Tony Danza and his ex-wife, Tracy Robinson, it took between two and six years. But let me explain!

According to various news reports, Danza, the popular star of Taxi and Who's the Boss, and his spouse separated about six years ago, but the divorce case was not actually filed until about two years ago. So, technically, it only took about two years for their divorce to become final, based upon reports.

Of course, as Augusta, Georgia divorce attorneys, we see divorces take as little as a couple of months to complete and as long as a year or more, depending upon whether it is contested or uncontested, and whether or not child custody is contested.

We recommend that you discuss with your own divorce lawyer the question of how long the divorce will take, along with all other questions about your own particular divorce case. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Annulment in Georgia: As Rare As Snow In July?

[Scales of Justice from wikipedia]
As Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyers, we sometimes receive telephone calls from folks wanting to know if they can get their marriage annulled. They often believe that they may obtain an annulment simply because their marriage is of short duration. Unfortunately, in the State of Georgia, the length of the marriage is generally irrelevant to whether or not you can get an annulment and, in most cases, a divorce is, instead, the appropriate solution.

In short, here, in Georgia, the Georgia General Assembly has statutorily limited the types of situations in which annulment is an available remedy. For example, if you learn, after getting married, that your worthless spouse, "Sluggo," is actually your first cousin, or if you discover that he never obtained a divorce from the waitress down at the diner, before hitching up with you, then you may discuss with your own divorce attorney about whether an annulment might be appropriate. Annulment might work in those limited situations and a few others. But in most other cases, divorce is the only available remedy for dissolving the marriage.

But please, please consult with your own divorce lawyer. Generally, in Georgia, your divorce lawyer will likely point out that annulment is about as rare as snow in July, but, fortunately, divorcing ole' Sluggo is still an available remedy!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Does the Divorce Lawyer's Gender Matter?

In this blog about divorce, we often attempt to give folks who are going through a divorce some good, practical information and tips to discuss with their own divorce lawyers. So, here are some tips to consider in connection with the following "divorce question of the day!" 

Does it matter to you, if you are going through a divorce, whether you retain a male divorce attorney or a female divorce attorney? Naturally, since we are father and son divorce lawyers, we don't think so! We have many female and male clients! But I guess it depends upon the client's perspective, doesn't it?

While, as an Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyer, I don't believe the divorce lawyer's gender will have any impact on a judge or jury, I recognize that some men and some women, who are going through a divorce, may, for various reasons, feel more comfortable in choosing an attorney based primarily upon gender. Also, I will be the first to acknowledge that, in the Augusta, GA area, there are many competent divorce lawyers of both sexes.

However, we would strongly recommend that you should also consider other important factors besides gender, too, including the prospective divorce attorney's experience and whether or not you believe, after meeting him or her, that he or she will care about you and fight for your rights! In short, in my opinion, whether or not a divorce lawyer, male or female, seems focused on you and cares about your divorce case is more important than gender.

What do you think?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A (Fictional) Poem About Adultery

    The Window's Secret
              By Richard Goolsby
She was crying at the window
Of a shop across the street.
I was dying to go in, though
I knew we'd never meet.

I wondered, "Are her tears for one
At war across the sea?"
"Or is she sobbing for a son
Who departed prematurely?"

But then, I saw her turn toward me,
Through the window of that shop,
Her expression -- now, filled with glee,
I wondered what was up.

The window showed the reason why
Her life was filled with strife,
For there, I saw another man
Was holding close my wife!