Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Divorce and Bigamy Smigamy!

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have more than one spouse?
Bigamy is really in the spotlight right now, particularly with the advent of the hit H.B.O. television series, "Big Love." Also, if you simply google the word "bigamy," you will realize that criminal cases are being made all over the world against bigamists. For instance, yesterday, it was reported that a Michigan judge jailed a woman for bigamy and gave her six months to straighten it out by getting at least one divorce. That's a wise judge!
In my opinion, bigamy, (or polygamy), is not only morally wrong and illegal, but also a really bad idea! You simply cannot share love like that in the real world. Also, it's difficult enough to become compatible with just one other person. Just imagine if you had to learn to live with snoring, dirty socks in the sink, complaining, and other bad habits from a whole bunch of live-in lovers! And as to those of you who are presently married to one worthless spouse, (the infamous "Sluggo"), can you imagine how life would be if you had two or more Sluggos?! It just wouldn't work! Don't you agree?
So, I agree with the Michigan judge. One marriage partner is enough! Don't wait six months. See a divorce lawyer today!

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