Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Divorce and Police Officers

"If she doesn't work out, I'll just get me another one." Imagine my shock a few years ago upon hearing a state law enforcement officer, (who was not a client), make this brash statement about his FIFTH wife! Now, I realize his statement raises all sorts of issues! But the point I wanted to make here today is about the serious problem of police officers and divorce. Do you agree that, generally, the stress and nature of police work causes more divorces in that profession?
The statistics seem to support this conclusion. According to the Police Dynamics Institute, the divorce rate among police officers is 60-70% higher than for civilians. Also, police officers reportedly have the highest domestic violence rate of any profession.
So, assuming these reports are accurate, what can be done to help combat these problems? First and foremost, I would recommend higher salaries for law enforcement officers. Better pay might help address the financial stressors which affect police officers' marriages. Also, I would suggest that police departments abandon rotating shifts, which might have an impact on some officers' marriages. (Absence doesn't always make the heart grow fonder, does it?!) Finally, more police departments should promote more family-oriented cook-outs and other family get-togethers. This idea doesn't cost a lot and, who knows, it might help save some couples from the clutches of divorce lawyers!
Do you have any other ideas about how to help save more police officer marriages from divorce? No matter what, I suspect we will all agree that there are no solutions to help the state law enforcement officer, (described above), who boasts that "if she doesn't work out, I'll just get me another one!" Some people just don't get it!


  1. You are right! This is really sad though. Their work pressure might be a certain reason. Maybe by not spending quality time with family, they are loosing up on a lot.
    Well, the guy who said that, Oh My god!

  2. I work with police officers in my field and I cannot tell you the amount of drinking and cheating that goes on, especially those on the midnight shift. These guys never are with their wives they are always with their own at dive bars that one would never step foot in. One police officer told me it is the adrenaline rush that burns them out and they want to live to the fullest before they die young. I think it is prevalent among road deputies or police not so much with detectives who have a 8-5 job.

  3. Thanks for the visit and observations.

  4. Due to the stresses of police work, officers have the highest rates of divorce, alcoholism, domestic violence and suicides of any profession. But it's not ALL about stress. Much of it is due to the "renegade" attitude of so many officers. They are operating out from under the authority of their position.

    This attitude manifests itself in many ways. One is in the area of immorality. Now, I realize that not all divorce stems from immorality. But SOME of it does. And police officers are notorious for using their positions of authority to pursue improper relationships.

    I tell Police Chiefs and Sheriffs all the time, "You have some officers on patrol, all right, but they're not patrolling for criminals, if you get my drift. They're patrolling for these illicit relationships and they are using their positions of authority to pursue them!"

    Additionally, I have a real problem with officers who disregard their marriage oath. If I cannot have confidence that they will honor that oath, what assurance do I have that they will honor their oath of office.

    I explore this whole idea of "being under authority" as well as many other character related issues at length on the new Police Dynamics Media website...

    Sheriff Ray Nash

    BTW: Thanks for posting a quote from my site in regards to the divorce rate. That's how I found you. And thank you for exploring solutions to the problem, not just offering termination of the relationship...