Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Divorce: Elizabeth and John Edwards?

By now, we all know all about the allegations made against former Presidential candidate, John Edwards, concerning his alleged adultery while he was running for President and while his wife was cancer-stricken. We also all know that, initially, he allegedly tried to get an aide to claim that he, not Edwards, had actually had the affair and had gotten his paramour pregnant. We also have all heard about Edwards' denials that he was the father of her love child, only to recently hear Edwards confess that he is, in fact, the child's father.
Now, it has been reported today, by numerous sources, that Elizabeth and John Edwards have finally separated. Who, on the planet Earth, could possibly blame Elizabeth Edwards if she has, in fact, finally kicked him out? What would you do?
Is this the end of the story? Will other shoes drop? What, if anything, will happen in the on-going federal criminal investigation concerning whether or not Edwards improperly used campaign funds to pay his paramour?
'Nuff said...for now.

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