Sunday, January 27, 2013

Annulment in Georgia: As Rare As Snow In July?

[Scales of Justice from wikipedia]
As Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyers, we sometimes receive telephone calls from folks wanting to know if they can get their marriage annulled. They often believe that they may obtain an annulment simply because their marriage is of short duration. Unfortunately, in the State of Georgia, the length of the marriage is generally irrelevant to whether or not you can get an annulment and, in most cases, a divorce is, instead, the appropriate solution.

In short, here, in Georgia, the Georgia General Assembly has statutorily limited the types of situations in which annulment is an available remedy. For example, if you learn, after getting married, that your worthless spouse, "Sluggo," is actually your first cousin, or if you discover that he never obtained a divorce from the waitress down at the diner, before hitching up with you, then you may discuss with your own divorce attorney about whether an annulment might be appropriate. Annulment might work in those limited situations and a few others. But in most other cases, divorce is the only available remedy for dissolving the marriage.

But please, please consult with your own divorce lawyer. Generally, in Georgia, your divorce lawyer will likely point out that annulment is about as rare as snow in July, but, fortunately, divorcing ole' Sluggo is still an available remedy!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Does the Divorce Lawyer's Gender Matter?

In this blog about divorce, we often attempt to give folks who are going through a divorce some good, practical information and tips to discuss with their own divorce lawyers. So, here are some tips to consider in connection with the following "divorce question of the day!" 

Does it matter to you, if you are going through a divorce, whether you retain a male divorce attorney or a female divorce attorney? Naturally, since we are father and son divorce lawyers, we don't think so! We have many female and male clients! But I guess it depends upon the client's perspective, doesn't it?

While, as an Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyer, I don't believe the divorce lawyer's gender will have any impact on a judge or jury, I recognize that some men and some women, who are going through a divorce, may, for various reasons, feel more comfortable in choosing an attorney based primarily upon gender. Also, I will be the first to acknowledge that, in the Augusta, GA area, there are many competent divorce lawyers of both sexes.

However, we would strongly recommend that you should also consider other important factors besides gender, too, including the prospective divorce attorney's experience and whether or not you believe, after meeting him or her, that he or she will care about you and fight for your rights! In short, in my opinion, whether or not a divorce lawyer, male or female, seems focused on you and cares about your divorce case is more important than gender.

What do you think?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A (Fictional) Poem About Adultery

    The Window's Secret
              By Richard Goolsby
She was crying at the window
Of a shop across the street.
I was dying to go in, though
I knew we'd never meet.

I wondered, "Are her tears for one
At war across the sea?"
"Or is she sobbing for a son
Who departed prematurely?"

But then, I saw her turn toward me,
Through the window of that shop,
Her expression -- now, filled with glee,
I wondered what was up.

The window showed the reason why
Her life was filled with strife,
For there, I saw another man
Was holding close my wife!