Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Equitable Division of Marital Property: Tycoon Style

[Photo of Oil Tycoon Harold Hamm from wikipedia]
According to various news reports, oil tycoon Harold Hamm, one of the wealthiest people in the United States, with over $11 billion in Continental Resources oil company stock, may face an equitable division of his wealth, and potential loss of control of his company, following reports that his wife of 25 years, Sue Ann Hamm, has filed for divorce.

As any reader of this divorce blog knows, in the State of Georgia, judges will generally make an equitable division of all marital property. And "equitable" does not always mean equal. In short, in some divorce cases we have seen, (as Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyers), if fault grounds, such as adultery, are proven, then one party may end up with more than one-half of the marital property.

Of course, no one knows the facts or what may happen in the Hamm divorce. But no matter how you slice it, Mr. Hamm will still be left with a sizable estate.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Celebrity Separations and Divorces: Jillian Barberie Reynolds and Grant Reynolds

[Photo of Jillian Barberie Reynolds from wikipedia]
When most folks get divorced, there is little or no fanfare and no public statements issued by publicists. But it is generally not the same for celebrities.

According to various news reports, a representative for actress and t.v. host Jillian Barberie Reynolds announced this week that Ms. Reynolds was divorcing her husband of six years, actor Grant Reynolds. The celebrity couple reportedly has two children.

No matter how a divorce may be announced, here's hoping that this couple, and anyone else going through a divorce, finds peace and happiness in their new lives.

Here's also hoping that if you have any questions about your own divorce from your worthless spouse, "Sluggo," (a celebrity in his own mind), you will avoid public statements, but you will find a good, experienced divorce lawyer near you.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Divorce, Stalking and Protective Orders

[Lady Justice depiction from]
As Augusta, Georgia divorce attorneys, we sometimes receive questions about the availability of domestic violence protective orders, (or restraining orders), in Georgia. Generally, there are several ways to get help if your worthless spouse, "Sluggo," gets out of hand.

First and foremost, please call law enforcement if you are afraid for your life, or if a crime in being committed.

In addition, you can discuss with your divorce lawyer whether or not to seek a domestic violence protective order, especially if there has been a history of abuse. While obtaining such an order may add an extra step or two to your divorce, your divorce attorney will be able to help you get the protection you deserve. 

Also, your divorce lawyer may recommend simply relying upon the protection contained in the automatic domestic standing order, which is generally issued by a judge in every contested divorce case in Georgia. This order contains language which expressly forbids domestic violence, (and would therefore support a contempt motion if Sluggo gets out of hand, even if you elect not to go the extra step of seeking a separate protective order).

Finally, you might also consider seeking help from a family violence shelter near you. Here, in Augusta, Georgia, we are fortunate to have the Augusta Shelter which helps abused women every day.

I hope this general information about family violence helps! Again, please discuss all such issues about divorce with your own divorce lawyer!