Friday, January 22, 2010

Divorce Movies: "Along Came Polly"

Okay, after a serious post about cops and divorce, let's get a little bit lighter with another post about......divorce movies! The 2004 comedy classic "Along Came Polly" is another one of my favorite divorce-related movies! (In fact, I enjoy most of Ben Stiller's and Jennifer Aniston's comedies!)
Obviously, not many people in real life confront the problem of their new spouse going to bed with a scuba instructor while on their honeymoon! But the movie does address some problems which divorcing couples often face. For example, Stiller's character, Reuben Feffer, must address the problem of dating again after a break-up. (As a divorce lawyer, I would recommend to our divorce clients that, unlike Feffer, they wait until after their divorce is final before they begin dating...unless it's Jennifer Aniston, of course!) I also found it interesting that Feffer had gone along with his spouse's love of fluffy bed pillows, until after his break-up and introduction to Polly Prince, (Aniston's character).
Have you seen this movie about divorce? Didn't you enjoy it? Could you relate to any of the hilarious situations confronted by Reuben Feffer?


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  2. That is a great movie! Now I can see the whole bed pillow thing cause he is a straight up boring kinda guy... until Polly comes along and shows him what life is all about. I have to say though I wouldn't rub a peanut on the sidewalk and eat it for anyone! Not even for Brett Favre!

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  4. yeah..i remember the was funny. :D