Friday, October 29, 2010

Celebrity Divorces: Billy Ray Cyrus and "Acky Breaky Heart"

Have you heard the news about the divorce of country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife of 17 years? Sadly, and perhaps ironically, Mr. Cyrus, who, of course, is the father of singer-actress Miley Cyrus, is still perhaps best known for his hit song, "Achy Breaky Heart." I suppose this sad news about this celebrity split-up once again illustrates that the stressors and pressures of Hollywood, (or Nashville), can wreak havoc on celebrity marriages. But it also again illustrates that celebrities generally experience the same types of problems, and "acky breaky hearts," as everyone else. Don't you agree? And I am sure you will also agree that we should all hope that this talented family will soon get past this difficult time.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Divorce: Hate, Hurt, and Heal

Look, we realize that we are not psychologists. And we don't pretend to be such. We are simply divorce attorneys in Augusta, Georgia. But generally, we have noticed a pattern which divorcing parties often follow in some, (but surely not all), divorce cases. It often goes something like this:
1. HATE: In some cases, maybe your worthless spouse, "Sluggo," has done some awful things to you. For example, maybe Sluggo has committed adultery, or perhaps he has mistreated you in some other way. Hate and anger are typical human reactions. The point is that, perhaps with the help of a good counselor, or family and friends, you can get past this stage.
2. HURT: In nearly every case we handle, as Georgia divorce lawyers, we also see that one or both divorcing parties often experience hurt and disappointment. Again, this is a normal reaction and, in many divorce cases, only time can help you get over the hurt. But I'm sure you will agree that, again, a good support group can help you get over the hurt of a divorce a lot sooner.
3. HEAL: This should be the ultimate goal for each party to a divorce. No matter what Sluggo has done to you, it is critical, for your physical and emotional health, to look forward, not back!
After all, getting over the hate and hurt, and being healed and happy in your new life, (and being away from Sluggo!), might be the best revenge! Don't you agree!?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Celebrity Divorces: Christina Aguilera

Don't you sometimes imagine that celebrities' lives must be filled only with glitz and glamour? But sadly, that is untrue. Haven't we seen, in too many cases, that celebrities often suffer the same sorrows and disappointments that everyone else experiences, too?

For example, multi-talented singer and actress, Christina Aguilera, has just revealed to various news outlets about how difficult her life has been since she filed for divorce earlier this month. Ms. Aguilera explained how hard each day is and how she leans heavily on her family and close friends for support. She also explained that she is motivated to move forward for the sake of her small son.

Doesn't this sound similar to what others experience while going through a divorce?

Hopefully, Ms. Aguilera will soon begin healing and go on to find true happiness. And hopefully, her fans and other members of the public will better understand that celebrities hurt and endure the same problems, with divorces and other issues, which we do. It's not all glitz and glamour, after all.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Chili Miner Rescue: Who Should You Meet: Your Spouse Or Your Mistress?

The whole world watched and rejoiced over the rescue of the trapped Chilean miners. What a glorious day! But we also witnessed an unusual occurrence! One of the rescued miners was reportedly greeted by his mistress, instead of his wife!
Now, I do not pretend to know anything about divorce laws in Chili. However, I suspect that their divorce courts frown on adultery just as much as divorce courts in Georgia and elsewhere!
What do you think about this situation? If you were a rescued miner, who would you meet: your lover or your spouse? What, if anything, do you think will happen next in this case?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Divorce and "Free Consultations:" What It Means and What It Doesn't Mean!

As you know, we are father and son Augusta, Georgia divorce attorneys. One thing about our family law firm which makes us "special," or at least different, is that we generally provide a "free initial consultation." In other words, we will accept your telephone calls and try to answer your questions about your Georgia divorce for free! Many law firms charge a fee, sometimes as much as $250, before they will allow you to set foot in their front door or answer any questions about your divorce! But we prefer to try to help people by answering a few questions at no cost.
Naturally, we hope to be retained to handle some of these divorce cases. But we still try to help people even though we realize that many of these callers will never retain us to be their divorce attorneys.
But naturally, we sometimes wish that some folks would realize, before they call, that a "free initial consultation" does not apply to every situation! Consider the following examples:
1. DO NOT CALL US IF YOU ARE ALREADY REPRESENTED BY A DIVORCE LAWYER: Look, if you already have a divorce attorney, please call them, not us! I sympathize with you, but it's not my fault that you cannot get your own divorce lawyer on the telephone! Besides, I could have an ethical issue if I even wanted, (and I don't!), to give legal advice to a represented person!
2. DO NOT CALL US IF YOUR DIVORCE IS OUT OF STATE: Please understand that we are licensed to practice law and handle divorces only in the State of Georgia. If you live elsewhere, you should seek the help of a divorce attorney in your own state! (But to be honest, if you do call, since I'm a "softie," I will likely still try to help you find an out-of-state divorce lawyer--for free!)
3. DO NOT CALL US IF YOU ARE A DO-IT-YOURSELFER: Even though our family law firm handles many simple, uncontested divorces almost as cheaply as some of the do-it-yourself divorce kits available online, we are amazed that some people will obtain the kits, get stumped, and then call us and expect us to help them complete their divorce kits -- "for free!" What is even more amazing is that, sometimes in the past, we have actually tried to help them! But we shouldn't be expected to do so, don't you agree!?
Oh, we also don't handle bankruptcy or tax matters, just as we also don't know how to fix your plumbing or carburetor!
In conclusion, if you had an Augusta, Georgia divorce law firm, would you offer a "free consultation?" Do you see the pros and cons? Do you also agree that, just because it's free, it's not for everyone!?