Friday, July 30, 2010

Celebrity Divorces: Heidi Montag

All right, folks, brace yourselves for some more sad news from Tinsel Town! Yes, another celebrity marriage has apparently bitten the dust! Reality t.v. star Heidi Montag has reportedly filed for divorce from her fellow reality star-husband, Spencer Pratt.
Frankly, even though I watch some reality t.v. shows, I have never seen their MTV show, "The Hills." And frankly, the main fact I knew about her before now is that she has reportedly had a lot of plastic surgeries. (For instance, I didn't know, until I researched it, that she is also a budding singer who also has a clothing fashion line). So, frankly, that's about all I have to say about this celebrity divorce.
Hopefully, both actors will find happiness elsewhere in "the hills" of Hollywood! And hopefully, in the future, Ms. Montag will also successfully avoid the common Hollywood affliction of getting more celebrity divorces than plastic surgeries!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Divorce, Child Visitation, and the Holidays

Look, just because it is the middle of Summer, and just because we are experiencing 100 degree temperatures here in Augusta, Georgia, please don't misjudge me, based on the holiday picture above, by thinking I have suffered a heat stroke! Actually, I just want to use the picture to illustrate a point.
The point is that, in a divorce with minor children, you should generally expect to have to share your children, (with your worthless ex-spouse, "Sluggo"), during the holidays. In other words, it is common in many Georgia divorce parenting plans for the spouses to alternate having the children at Thanksgiving and Christmas. For instance, you may have the little darlings on Christmas day during even numbered years and "Sluggo" will have them during odd numbered years.
But even though your divorce lawyer may be unable to guarantee you will get to see your children on Christmas Day every year, there are a number of ways to work around it, don't you agree? For example, you can celebrate the holiday with your kids on Christmas Eve. And even though it may not always be easy, hopefully, you and your children can still experience happy holidays!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gray Divorce: A Growing Trend

Just because they have recently made the headlines, Al and Tipper Gore certainly do not have the only long-term marriage which is splitting up in this nation today. Indeed, the trend is toward more and more "gray divorces;" that is, married couples over 50 who are seeing divorce lawyers and fiiling for divorce. According to numerous reports, presently, one-fourth of all marriages which have lasted two decades, or longer, are now headed toward divorce court.
If you find yourself in this situation, what are some of the consequences and important things for you to discuss with your own divorce lawyer? Let's focus one just one today: what will happen to the marital home?
First, you should consider who will keep the marital home. Also, if you decide you can't afford the home, then consider how can you get your name off the security deed and, at the same time, how can you get your fair share of the home equity. For instance you may want to discuss with your divorce attorney the idea of either requiring your spouse to refinance the home mortgage, in his own name, (thus eliminating your liability), or simply list and sell the home, (and split the net proceeds).
Of course, many of the issues common to a "gray divorce" will also be faced by younger married couples going through a divorce. But hopefully, with the help of an experienced divorce lawyer, (along with loving support from family and friends), you can, at any age, successfully navigate the same waters, too!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Divorce, Divorce Lawyers, and Stress

As we have discussed before in this blog about divorce and divorce lawyers, divorces can be very stressful for the parties and all others involved. But have you ever considered how stressful being a divorce attorney can be? Can you imagine what it's like to get telephone calls from clients, or prospective clients, who are upset about the prospect of losing a child custody battle, or about the consequences of their adultery, among other problems?
Trust me, I have learned that being a divorce lawyer in Augusta, Georgia can be a very stressful profession! But I really enjoy helping divorce clients and want to continue doing it. That is why I try to exercise regularly. And that is also why, last week, I got away from the office for a much needed vacation!
Regular exercise and vacations may not eliminate the stress of handling divorce cases, but hopefully, I will be better able to cope with all the challenges and be a better divorce lawyer!
Look, I realize that being a divorce lawyer is not the only stressful occupation out there! What sorts of stressors do you face in your job and how do you cope with them?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Celebrity Divorces: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Sometimes, when it rains, it pours. According to various news reports, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. recently filed for a divorce from his wife, Mary.
Then, that next day, according to reports, police were called to the Kennedy home, where she was allegedly under the influence of alcohol.
Then, a couple of days later, she was charged with a DUI. Now, in fairness, no one outside the family can really know, (or should know), all that is actually occurring here, but clearly the stress of divorce can contribute, in some cases, to other unfortunate events, too. Don't you agree?
Here's hoping that all the parties involved can successfully address and resolve each of these serious matters.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Divorce and Adultery Around the World

As an Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyer, I have offered, in this blog, a lot of practical tips and information about adultery, which you should discuss with your own divorce attorney. In particular, we have discussed some of the serious consequences of cheating, along with some posts about how to prove adultery in Georgia.
Yes, the consequences of infidelity can be significant. For example, you could potentially lose a good shot at alimony. You might even lose child custody in some cases.
However, none of these problems faced by an adulterer in this state can compare to the terrible problems faced today by a 43 year old woman in Iran. Have you seen the shocking news?
According to news reports, Ms. Sakineh Ashtiani faces death by stoning this weekend, following her conviction of adultery. The reports further indicate that she has already served five years in prison and endured 99 lashes for the alleged offense.
In my opinion, this punishment is outrageous! Here's hoping that international pressure will save this poor woman from being stoned to death for adultery. Don't you totally agree? What do you think?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Is Divorce Always Bad For Kids?

Here's some encouraging news about the effect of divorce on children. According to a new study out of Montclair State University, staying together just for the sake of the kids might, in some cases, actually do them more harm than good. Researchers interviewed children of divorce when they were young and then again more recently, after they became adults.
One interesting result of the study is that children who grew up in families with a lot of fighting and conflict fared better if their parents divorced.
Doesn't this result make sense? In other words, doesn't it seem more likely that kids who are exposed to fighting longer will suffer more in future relationships than kids whose parents ended the fighting more quickly with a divorce?
Look, I realize that every situation is different. Also, even though I am an Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyer, please don't mis-interpret this post as a promotion for more legal business! Trust me, there are plenty of divorce cases out there already!
But isn't it good that this study at least offers some encouraging news for parents who feel the need to seek help from a divorce attorney? What do you think?