Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Divorce and Counterclaims

Did you know that, in Georgia, if your spouse, "Sluggo," sues you for divorce, you can "slap" him back with a counterclaim for divorce? You might wonder why would you ask your divorce lawyer to do this!

There are several reasons to file a counterclaim for divorce. For instance, if Sluggo elects to dismiss his divorce lawsuit, but you still want to get the divorce, then, if your divorce attorney has already filed a counterclaim, you may be able to go forward and get it done without starting all over again!

Also, while Sluggo may simply contend the marriage is "irretrievably broken," your divorce lawyer may need to counterclaim to raise different grounds for the divorce. At trial, you may be entitled to get a divorce in your favor on your own alleged grounds.

So, you now can see that if Sluggo "slaps" you, (in the legal sense!), with a divorce complaint, it may likely be to your advantage to have your own divorce lawyer "slap" him back with a counterclaim! But please don't also use hockey sticks, as in the Paul Newman movie!


  1. Ooh. I like this one RIchard. Plus it is so well worded that most of your readers will easily understand how this works.

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