Monday, October 5, 2009

Divorce "Tip of the Day:" Ways You Can Help Your Divorce Lawyer

In this blog about divorce in Georgia, we always try to give you some practical tips or helpful ideas to consider in your divorce. Here are a few tips on how to make your appointments with your divorce attorney run more efficiently and productive:

1. First of all, keep your appointments! In other words, if you have a scheduled appointment, then keep it, and, if you must cancel, please call early to cancel it. As a divorce lawyer, I never cease to be amazed at how many people simply stand us up! So, please keep your appointments, or please call and cancel whenever possible!

2. Be prompt! Just as people sometimes are "no shows," you would also be amazed at how many people are often late for appointments! Naturally, sometimes there are good reasons for being late. But please always try to be on time, or early, whenever possible!

3. Be organized. Please plan beforehand exactly what documents you are supposed to bring to your appointment and do your "homework" ahead of time!

4. Write down your questions in advance (and bring them with you). This will also help make your meeting with your divorce lawyer run more efficiently.

5. Maintain your timeline or journal. Here, at The Goolsby Law Firm, we generally ask all our clients to keep and maintain a journal of all contacts with their worthless spouse, "Sluggo." This will not only help your meetings with your divorce attorney run more smoothly, but also it will help you and your attorney be better prepared when you go to court!

I hope these tips help someone "out there!" And I know some of you may be thinking: "Goolsby has all these great ideas for how clients can help their lawyers, but has he considered how lawyers can better help their clients?"

Do you have any ideas? I promise that, in a future post, I will address how lawyers can be more helpful to their clients!

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