Thursday, October 1, 2009

Divorce "Tip of the Day:" Where to Find Answers to Your Questions About Divorce Law

Have you searched everywhere, unsuccessfully, for answers to your questions about divorce law? Well, here is an idea! Assuming you cannot find your answer in this blog about divorce law in Georgia, or from any other source, you might consider going online to findlaw, Avvo, or attorney There, you will be prompted to enter your city and state, and the type of legal problem or case. Now, you are almost home! This search should yield a number of divorce lawyers in your city and state who can help you with your specific type of legal question!

But here is one more good idea for you to consider: Scan this online list of attorneys and consider calling the law firms which offer, (as we do at The Goolsby Law Firm), a "free initial consultation."

There, I hope this idea helps and that you all get answers to your questions! But no matter where you go, no one will ever be able to answer the burning question of our time: Why is "Sluggo," your worthless spouse, so worthless?!

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