Friday, October 23, 2009

Divorce and Permanent Alimony

Why is there a photograph of a boat in a blog about divorce? I'll explain below! First, let's talk a little bit more about money, or permanent alimony in Georgia, to be more specific! Did you know that, under Georgia law, (O.C.G.A. 19-6-4), permanent alimony may be granted:

(1) In cases of divorce;

(2) In cases of voluntary separation; or

(3) Where one spouse, against the will of that spouse, is abandoned or driven off by the other spouse.

You also need to discuss with your Georgia divorce lawyer the fact that an award of permanent alimony may be enforced either by a contempt action, or by writ of fieri facias. This writ is a fancy latin term, more commonly known as a "fi fa," which means that you may be authorized to ask the sheriff to seize and sell some of the personal property of your worthless spouse "Sluggo" to satisfy your award of alimony, if he refuses to pay.

So, this is where the photo of the boat comes into play! You may, in some circumstances, be able to ask your divorce attorney to get the sheriff to seize Sluggo's boat to collect on your alimony!

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  1. This is really new thing i see in your words temporary alimony and permanent alimony. Till than i think divorce alimony
    is quite fix and regular paying to your partner because this is not only support but also few thing to do as compare to nothing.