Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY Kits and Uncontested Divorces in Georgia

I just "googled" the terms "simple, uncontested divorces in Georgia."  Immediately, I was faced with a list of possible websites which included a number of "do-it-yourself" divorce kits.  Of course, since I am an Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyer, I do not recommend that anyone should try to "do-it-yourself," particularly if there are children of the marriage.  The issues, even in an uncontested divorce, are often too complicated.

As Augusta, GA divorce attorneys, we have received a number of telephone calls from people who have tried to handle their own divorces and run into a host of problems.  Naturally, as divorce lawyers, we believe that, instead of doing it yourself, you should find a divorce lawyer who will help you wade through all the legal issues in an uncontested divorce -- at an affordable cost which is almost as cheap as some of the DIY kits.

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