Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dating and Divorce: When Can You Date?

As Augusta, Georgia divorce attorneys, we often receive inquiries, both to our Augusta law firm and to this divorce blog, in which folks are asking us questions about when or whether they can begin dating, while their divorce case is pending.  We consistently, authoritatively, and unquestionably always tell them: NO, you cannot, should not, and must not date while your divorce is pending!  In other words, as Georgia divorce lawyers, we generally recommend that you should wait until the ink on your divorce decree is dry BEFORE you start dating, or even playing the field.

While every divorce case is different, and while you should also discuss this matter with your own divorce lawyer, as Georgia divorce lawyers, we would also point out that, in many divorce cases, there could be serious negative consequences if you begin dating, or start going to dating sites, while your divorce is still pending.  Technically, you are still married, (until the final divorce decree is signed), so, technically, "fooling around" would be adultery.  And as we have discussed before, please recall that proof of adultery, in the State of Georgia, carries with it a number of deleterious consequences, including potential impact on divorce issues involving alimony and property divisions, and, in some cases, even child custody.

Again, we recommend that you consult with your own divorce attorney about whether it is okay to date!

So, that is why, if you ever contact the Goolsby Law Firm, in Augusta, Georgia, and ask us questions concerning when it is okay to date, you can expect us to tell you that you should wait until after your divorce is final!

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