Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Divorce Hotels: A New Reality?

[Sample Hotel photo from hotelsinnorthcyprus.com]
Are you a fan of reality shows?  Well, if Dutch entrepreneur Jim Halfens has his way, you may soon be able to watch a new reality show called the "Divorce Hotel!"  Halfens' proposed reality show about divorce is based upon his actual "divorce hotels," which are presently located throughout The Netherlands.

The premise is fairly simple:  Couples check in (separately) to the lavish "divorce hotel" on a friday and then leave divorced by the end of the weekend.  The guests can meet with mediators, lawyers, and other professionals, who attempt to make divorce more pleasant in a luxurious hotel setting.

According to news reports, Halfens supposedly invited Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher to be his guests, but the couple reportedly did not respond.

As an Augusta, Georgia divorce attorney, (see here), I must admit that I find Halfens' idea of a "divorce hotel" to be somewhat intriguing.  But because divorces can often be complicated matters, particularly when child custody and complex property division issues are present, I personally doubt whether this idea will work for most people.  

Also, there is the matter of cost.  According to news reports, the "divorce hotel" experience can run from $3500 to $10,000.00.  That is simply beyond the means of most people.

But again, even if I, as a divorce lawyer, never send any clients to a divorce hotel, (and Halfens plans to open "divorce hotels" in the United States soon), I can still possibly sit back, like you, and watch his proposed new "divorce hotel" reality show on t.v. in the fall!

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