Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Keeping a Diary or Timeline

Let's assume you have left your spouse, "Sluggo," and that "Sluggo" keeps harassing you with unwelcomed calls and visits, including calls to your work place. What can you do about it?

In addition to possibly calling your local law enforcement agency, and also telling your divorce lawyer about it, there is another important thing you should do: You should document it. In other words, you should keep a diary or timeline about all the nasty things that "Sluggo" is doing to you. Then, you can turn over to your divorce attorney a well documented account of all the bad things that he (or she) has done. Now, the timeline, in and of itself, is probably not admissible evidence. But it may provide a good source of detailed information for your divorce lawyer to use in cross-examining "Sluggo." Don't you see the utility of this strategy? Can't you see your lawyer asking him on the witness stand, "Isn't it true, "Sluggo," that on July 1st at noon, and again on July 2d and 4th, you stalked your wife at work?" Keeping a timeline will also provide you with a good reference source to review and refresh your own memory prior to your own testimony.

In short, keeping a diary or timeline is another weapon which can be effectively used by divorce attorneys to fight spousal abuse. Please be sure to discuss this idea with your own divorce lawyer.

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  1. Hi:) Just wanted to say thanks for all the great info. I've never been married, but about 10 years ago I had to get a restraining order and keeping a journal of all and any instances was the defining factor. It's really great advice!