Thursday, August 13, 2009

Children of Divorce -- What Can Parents Do To Help?

Divorces are difficult on everyone involved. No doubt, we have all heard terrible stories about the negative emotional impact of a divorce on the parties’ children. But I believe it is also important to point out that, as many counselors appear to agree, the majority of children of divorce do not develop serious behavioral problems. In other words, children of divorce are generally resilient and can manage to deal with it, to some extent. But there still will be problems. However, don’t you agree that the parents should at least try to ameliorate the problems for their children? What can parents going through a divorce do to help their kids? Here are a few ideas:
I’m sure we will all agree that parents should talk openly with their kids, as age and circumstances permit, and let their children know they are loved;
Perhaps the parents should also consider talking with the kid’s teachers about the situation;
Parents may find family or individual counseling may also be necessary or helpful;
Parents can also learn more about the issue, including by reading books like the one above; and
Don’t you also agree that parents going through a divorce should avoid “bad mouthing” the other parent in front of the kids?
Have you dealt with this issue about children of divorce? Do any of you “out there” have any other ideas or suggestions for parents going through a divorce? And is it generally better, in your opinion, for parents to put their kids through an emotionally draining divorce rather than through a bad, emotionally-draining marriage? What do you think? And what are your ideas to help children of divorce?


  1. Thanks for the comment...but what about the remaining .8% ?! And does anyone else "out there" have an opinion or ideas?