Wednesday, August 26, 2009

John Minus Kate Plus Eight: Do You Need to Know?

Okay, I have resisted the temptation, until now, to include a post on the now infamous Gosselin divorce! But this IS a divorce blog, so I have finally yielded to the temptation...sort of!
I believe there has been too much publicity about the Gosselin divorce. And I don't intend to rehash here questions about who you believe is at fault, or about whether or not you believe the kids are being mistreated by appearing on the t.v. show. (Personally, I don't believe the kids are being mistreated in any way by simply appearing on the show, or at least I believe the good appears to far outweigh the bad). But there always seems to be something new in the public eye about this ongoing divorce saga. And the press appears to be hounding this poor family.
The latest news is that reportedly John Gosselin no longer wants to appear on the show, (for which he and Kate reportedly receive $75,000 per episode), and that he wants to get a regular day job. Wow! Who could walk away from $75,000 per week? But I am sure he is just sick of all the publicity. (Do any of you know where I could get another "regular job" paying $75,000 per week?) Kate, on the other hand, apparently still wants to continue working on the show.
What do you think about this "new" development? And what did you think about reports that he was allegedly seeing another woman before the divorce is final? Do you really care? Or does anyone "out there" really care to know about any of these issues? I know that my inquiring mind does not want to know.
And just one more question: Even though this is a divorce blog, will it be okay with you all if we let this be the one and only obligatory post dealing with the Gosselin divorce and that we, from this point forward, agree to allow them to deal with their divorce in private?! Thank you!

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  1. Hi,
    Yes, I feel there is too much attention given to this family...however someone must want it...Kate, Jon, the networks and media ...

    It is sad because this is a demise of a real family...regardless of who's fault it is.
    The "real reality" someday will kick in...and the cameras will not be watching...

    God Bless This Family
    K. Frangeskos at Jesus Knows You Best