Sunday, August 30, 2009

Divorce Lawyers Need A Hug, Too!

It is no wonder that many of the lawyers I talk with here in Augusta, Georgia would not be caught dead handling divorce cases! I'll bet it's no different where you are, too! Practicing family law is just too stressful, according to many of my lawyer friends. Divorce is stressful for you, the client, but the point is that you should also understand it can be stressful for your divorce attorney, too!

Divorce attorneys generally attempt not to get too involved, emotionally, in your child custody issues and other divorce matters, (so that they can exercise the independent judgment that you need), but, frankly, such emotional detachment can be difficult to maintain. After all, lawyers are human, too, you know! And even if it's not the attorney's fault, for example, if the judge issues an order allowing unsupervised child visitation by your worthless spouse, "Sluggo," your attorney may still feel badly about it, too!

And dealing with the lawyer or their client, "Sluggo," on the other side, can also be a source of intense stress, as your lawyer fights hard to represent your interests in the divorce case. I've often teased that I face more physical danger as a divorce lawyer than I ever did before as a federal prosecutor!

In my opinion, of the best divorce attorneys I know, it takes a special kind of lawyer who is willing to fight hard in a contested divorce and yet can endure the stress that goes with it.

In conclusion, while there may be no great tips here, in this post, about how to win your divorce case, please simply take a moment and consider that your divorce lawyers are going through the stress of your divorce with you. So, hug a divorce lawyer today!

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