Thursday, April 25, 2013

Celebrity Divorces, Porsha Stewart, and How People Learn About Divorce

[Real Housewives of Atlanta Photo from wikipedia]
How do most people learn that their spouses have filed for a divorce? In most divorce cases, it is fairly simple and straightforward. In other words, in most divorces, the parties tell each other in no uncertain terms about their decisions and all the reasons for it!

But did you hear about how Real Housewives of Atlanta reality t.v. star Porsha Stewart, (shown on the right above), reportedly learned that her husband, former pro quarterback Cordell Stewart had filed for a divorce from her? According to various news reports, Ms. Stewart first learned about it on twitter!!

Every divorce case, whether it involves celebrities or not, is unique. And you should always discuss the facts of your divorce with your own divorce lawyer. But this case certainly involves one of the most unique ways to inform one's spouse about the filing of a divorce! What do you think?

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