Thursday, May 23, 2013

Discovery Responses in Divorce Cases

In the State of Georgia, each party is entitled, through his or her divorce attorney, to engage in various discovery practices, in order to learn more of the facts of the case. For instance, your divorce lawyer may, in some divorce cases, take the deposition of the other party, (or depose "Sluggo's" mistress!). You can also make the other side disclose their financial information and who their witnesses will be.

In addition, your divorce lawyer may elect to submit interrogatories or requests for the production of documents by the other party.

Likewise, your divorce attorney may contact you and tell you that the other side has submitted similar discovery requests to which you must respond. 

But the important point I wanted to make today is that you should discuss with your own divorce lawyer any questions or problems you have in submitting your responses. Also, it is important that you be timely, because, ordinarily, your divorce lawyer will have only thirty days to review, format, and submit your discovery responses to the other attorney.

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