Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How Much Do Uncontested Divorces Cost in Georgia?

Okay, maybe it is time that I got back up on my soapbox to protest, once again, the Georgia General Assembly's increase last year in the amount for filing for a divorce in this state.  (This terrible filing fee increase also applied to filing other types of civil lawsuits, too).  Specifically, the increase in the divorce case court filing fee jumped from $80.00 to a whopping $205.00!  Isn't that awful?
As Augusta, Georgia divorce attorneys, we try very hard to help our divorcing clients through a difficult time.  We have also helped many people, as divorce lawyers, by working hard to keep our legal fees affordable.  But we cannot change or help with the filing fees!  This significant increase in the court costs for a divorce has made it even more difficult for many Georgians seeking one.  Wouldn't it also be a terrible injustice if an abused wife must stay married, (and continue to get abused), simply because she cannot afford to get a divorce?  It happens!
Something must be done to correct this injustice!  Until that day comes, you can count on me to continue to climb back up on my soapbox to protest here!

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  1. Beyond the rising costs of even case court filing fees, there are so many other ones out there. Getting a person served, custody battles, etc, all wind up making the divorce process way more difficult than it is to get married. In fact, until recently, we didn't have no fault divorce as an option in New York.

    Keep working hard for the people of Georgia, and thanks for the great blog post.