Friday, June 17, 2011

Fathers and Child Support Obligations

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As Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyers, we often help our clients address issues involving child support, including contempt and child support modification actions.  After all, not all fathers pay child support like they should.  But as we approach Father's Day, perhaps it is important to recognize that most dads "out there," following a divorce, actually support their children, as they should, financially and otherwise.  The "deadbeat dads" exist, but, fortunately, they are in a minority. 
Indeed, according to one source,, 79.1% of fathers having limited visitation rights pay their court-ordered child support and 44.5% of those fathers having no visitation rights at all nonetheless still pay child support.
Of course, no one is suggesting that, simply because they pay child support, those fathers, (or any non-custodial parents), deserve any special reward.  After all, those dads helped bring these kids into the world, too, and it is their legal and moral obligation to help support their children.  Also, I'll bet that most of us would agree that the true "deadbeat dads" should be severely sanctioned.  But sometimes, I believe it is also important to keep things in perspective, including the point that most non-custodial parents "out there" are, in fact, supporting their kids and doing the right thing!   What do you think?

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