Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Celebrity Divorces and Separations: Schwarzenegger and Shriver

[Photo from Wikipedia]
Just when we thought the Arnold Schwarzenegger adultery and separation saga had exhausted all its twists and turns, now, we hear reports that the former governor's housekeeper has agreed to an interview and reportedly discussed details of their relationship with the media.  The housekeeper, identified in various reports as Patricia Baena, has even described how she allegedly broke the news of the affair to Maria Shriver.  Also, photographs of the alleged love child are now reportedly circulating throughout the news media and internet.  Where and when will it all end?
Doesn't it sometimes seem to you that news stories, like this one, and like the story involving Congressman Anthony Weiner, often develop a life of their own?  And it appears that some in the news media keep fanning the flames.  In other words, doesn't it appear that the news media will sometimes keep such salacious news stories alive with a constant daily drip of "new" information, so that they can simply sell more rags and generate high ratings?
The media frenzy also makes it much more difficult for celebrities than others who go through separation and divorce.  Don't you agree?  

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  1. Yes, I agree! That is why people get so tired of hearing about it. I do not follow any of these stories. If I want to know something about a celebrity, I write it into Google to find out what I want to know. One of the advantageous of not having a television I guess.