Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day: "A Mother's Day Memory"

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"A Mother's Day Memory"

          By Richard Goolsby

Oh, to think of Mother's hug,
Evokes a sentimental tear!
My heart strings pull and tug,
As Mother's Day draws near!

When I was young and ill,
She would rock me through the night.
That old rocker squeaked and squealed,
But still, she held me tight.

I can feel her arms around me,
As she held me late one night.
I can feel her love surround me,
Mother's love makes most things right.

I can see her -- just above me,
I can hear her voice, so clear,
And the words to "Jesus Loves Me,"
From her lips down to my ear.

Yes, it's true -- my mother's gone,
But it's also true, you see,
My mother still lives on,
In my heart and memory!

Happy Mother's Day to all moms "out there!"


  1. I love that poem Richard!!! My Mom is gone too and it makes Mother Day a hard day when I see everyone else celebrating with their mothers. But you are right, she does live on in my heart. And I hear her whispering to me many times when I need her guidance the most.

  2. Richard, this is truly a lovely poem -- and a very heartfelt tribute to your mother. Both my parents are gone, but it is true -- they live on in my heart and memory too.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind comments!

  4. Hey ~ another surprise ~ a GA lawyer who can right poetry ~ Your Mom sure did something right ~ enjoy ~ ^_^

  5. Ah Richard... You have said words that every mother longs to hear from their adult children; that their love has not been forgotten. As a mother of 2 grown children I look back fondly on their childhood and know there were many moments of blessing- where I was allowed to share pure love.Your mother hears your words. xo teri

  6. That's great that you wrote a poem in memory of your mom. She lives in your heart now and on Mother's day that's where she always will be.

  7. Thank ya'll so much for your kind remarks! And I hope everyone visits each of your fantastic sites!