Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back To Divorce Tip Basics: Documenting Everything!

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Okay, okay!  I realize that this is not merely a divorce blog about celebrity divorces and separations!  Instead, I know that I am only an Augusta, Georgia divorce attorney who primarily focuses on writing about practical divorce tips for you to discuss with your own divorce lawyer!  Maybe I have just gotten too carried away, recently, by all the big news reports coming out of California about the separation of former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his spouse, Maria Shriver!
But today, let's get back to basics!  Let's talk a little bit about the importance of documenting things while you are going through a divorce.  (Of course, this post assumes that you have a private, secure place to make and keep a journal.  Please first ask your own divorce lawyer about this issue before you do anything.) 
For example, let's assume that you and your worthless spouse, "Sluggo," are going through a series of problems dealing with child visitation.  The point here is that you should regularly document each of these problems in a journal, notebook, or some other writing.  For instance, if Sluggo tells you, on Wednesday, that he will pick up the little darlings on Thursday, and then he fails to do so, and he doesn't even call you, then you should write it all down.  Document it!  Later, you can show your journal to your divorce lawyer.  And don't you see the potential benefit?  The important benefit is that, if you, unlike Sluggo, have documented, by date, each problem, or confrontation, then later, when you get to court, your attorney might very will be better prepared to prove your side of the case!
Can't you visualize your divorce attorney grilling your spouse on cross-examination?  "Mr. Sluggo, isn't it true that, on February 12th, you agreed to pick up the kids on the 13th, and then you failed to show up?"   
So, please consider, with your divorce lawyer, the idea of documenting all your encounters, or problems, with your spouse!  Now, I wonder if there is anything else new in the Schwarzenegger separation!


  1. Great advice! As someone who has gone through a divorce I know they can get ugly really quickly. It is important to document the things that go on during the divorce properly. This way everyone gets what they deserve....sorta.

  2. Paula, Thank you for the visit and comment! Everyone should check out your fine site, too!