Friday, May 20, 2011

Celebrity Divorces and Separations: Schwarzenegger and Shriver

[Photo from Wikipedia]
Yesterday, according to various news reports, a representative for former Governor Arnold Scwarzenegger announced that the actor and former governor will delay his film career comeback.  Apparently, he is simply temporarily putting his acting career on hold while he deals with troubles associated with his separation from Maria Shriver, his wife of 25 years.  At the same time, various news reports further indicate that Ms. Shriver has reportedly hired a California divorce attorney.
Who knows what might happen next in that ongoing salacious celebrity saga.  But let's lay aside the specific facts of that situation and talk a little bit about similar issues confronted by other "regular folks" going through a divorce or separation.
Mr. Schwarzenegger's delay of his movie career illustrates a problem common to many separating or divorcing couples.  Don't you agree that it would be tough -- both emotionally and time-wise -- for anyone to attempt to deal with a separation or divorce, while also attempting to juggle job pressures and deadlines?  Just imagine how tough it would be for you to have to go to work every day, while also dealing with child custody and visitation issues, along with financial pressures common to most divorces?  But the point is that, generally, most "regular folks" have no choice.  They must deal with both -- the pressures of their split-up and their job pressures.  Most folks cannot put their day jobs on hold. 
So, arguably, while no separation or divorce is easy, at least the former governor can afford to take some time off while he confronts his personal life's challenges.  That is good for him.  But that is a luxury that many divorcing couples simply cannot afford.  What do you think?


  1. Good point "But that is a luxury that many divorcing couples simply cannot afford.". I know a couple going through a separation (hopefully divorce will follow) right now and the "wife" is having to work 2 jobs to help support her and her child because the "scallywag of a husband" refuses to pay child support until he is made to (he's been ordered to start as of June 1). Divorces are often emotional and financial burdens to the average persons.

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