Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Celebrity Divorces: Marie Osmond

                               [Photo from Wikipedia]

Have you heard the news reports about popular singer Marie Osmond?  According to various reports, earlier today, she remarried her first husband, Stephen Craig, in Las Vegas, (where she is currently performing with her celebrity brother, Donnie Osmond).  Significantly, Ms. Osmond and Mr. Craig had been married before, in 1982, and then they had divorced, in 1985.  The couple had one child, who is now reportedly 28 years old.  Ms. Osmond also had another previous marriage to another man, prior to today's remarriage, which had also ended in divorce, about four years ago. 
According to and other sources, roughly  55% of men and 44% of women over the age of 25 generally remarry after a divorce.  Of course, one can reasonably guess that only a small percentage of men and women end up remarrying their former marriage partners after a divorce.  After all, unlike in Osmond's case, if you ever get free of your own worthless spouse, "Sluggo," you aren't likely to want to get hitched with that ole' nag again!
Here's hoping that Ms. Osmond and her "new-old" husband find happiness together again!

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