Thursday, April 21, 2011

How To Prove "Sluggo's" Adultery: Hooking Up With His iPhone?

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"Hello, Lover!  It's nice to see you, but I hope you left your iphone at home!"
Will this be the new greeting for folks out there who are committing adultery?  Well, after the news reports came out yesterday about what your iphone can tell about where you have been, everyone, including divorce lawyers, should be wondering about the possible ramifications!
1.  New Reports About Apple's iPhone Tracking Your Location:
More specifically, various news reports indicate that Apple's iPhone4 keeps track of everywhere you go and stores this information in an unencrypted file.  This file can reportedly be easily accessed by any device with which you synchronize your phone!   Why did Apple do this?  We still don't know.  Apple still has not responded to inquiries about why this data is being stored on its hot new phone.  But all of us who are interested in freedom and our right to privacy should be concerned.
2.  Possible Impact on your Right to Privacy and Proof of Adultery:
After all, consider the wide range of possible threats to your privacy.  For instance, if you have a phone, the government, or the police, could determine with whom you have met, or where, even without a search warrant.  And, your worthless spouse, "Sluggo," had better not forget that, in divorce cases, divorce attorneys could more easily determine with whom you have met, and could more easily prove adultery, too!
The point is that, once again, we have seen that technology, in spite of its wonderful benefits, can also represent a threat to our basic freedoms, too.  So, Sluggo, if you are going to cheat, you had better leave your phone at home!

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