Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Celebrity Divorces: Elizabeth Hurley

Have you heard the news about talented actress Elizabeth Hurley?  According to various news reports, Ms. Hurley has filed for a divorce this week in London from her husband, Arun Nayer.  The couple had married in 2007.  Of course, everyone also remembers Ms. Hurley as the former girl friend of actor Hugh Grant.
Over the years, Elizabeth Hurley has portrayed a number of movie villains, including her portrayal of Delilah, (in Samson and Delilah), and the Devil, (in Bedazzled).  Ms. Hurley has also reportedly been cast as the villain in the upcoming Wonder Woman t.v. series. 
However, in real life, Elizabeth Hurley is no villain!  No one can surpass her heroic work, as a volunteer for various children's charities, and in her noble fight against breast cancer, (as shown in the above recent photograph, taken at a charitable event for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, (see Wikipedia).
As we have seen before, divorce knows no boundaries.  Divorce can strike both the celebrity and the average citizen -- the hero and the villain.  In the case of Ms. Hurley, a real hero, in my book, hopefully, she will overcome her current problems and find happiness.


  1. I have always liked this actress and I wish the best for her. She'll do great on the television series and I'll be sure to watch it. I always think she was very fortunate to have dated Hugh Grant. I have a crush so I am a little jealous of that romance. Ha! :)

  2. Thank you so much for your visit and comment!