Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Celebrity Divorce and Theatrics: From Sheen to Cage

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Folks, what is going on with Hollywood actors these days?  This is a humble divorce blog written by an Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyer.  Here, in past posts, we have often dealt with some of the domestic relations challenges faced by various celebrities.  The common theme has been that celebrities often face the same family law problems confronted by ordinary people.  But somehow, it seems to me that, lately, things have really gotten unusually bizarre in Hollywood!
1. The Nicolas Cage Incident:
For example, a few days ago, one of my favorite Hoolywood actors, Nicolas Cage, was reportedly arrested in new Orleans on charges of disorderly conduct and domestic abuse. 
2. The Latest Charlie Sheen Case:
And just yesterday, according to TMZ and other news sources, actor Charlie Sheen and one of his exes, Brooke Mueller, reportedly returned to court to address Sheen's request for a change of custody of their children.  According to various reports, the judge reportedly maintained the status quo, (and left the kids with Mueller), in spite of the alleged reports, or accusations, about drugs involving each of the parties.
Of course, no one really knows what happened in either of these celebrity cases.  News reports sometimes get the facts wrong, don't they?  Also, we should generally accept such "news" reports with a jaundiced eye, anyway.  Don't you agree?
But I'll bet you will also agree that, no matter what really happened in either of these cases, there appear to be some strange "goins on" in Hollywood these days!  

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