Sunday, April 17, 2011

Divorce "Joke of the Day"

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After a serious post about divorce, maybe it is time for another divorce "joke of the day!"  Each time I include a post containing a divorce joke, I feel the need to remind everyone that, as an Augusta, Georgia divorce attorney, I realize that divorces are no joking matter.  But in order to keep this divorce blog from tasting like dry oatmeal every day, I also feel the need to try to spice it up a bit, too!  I promise that we will still focus on providing practical divorce-related tips for you to discuss with your own divorce lawyer.  But here we go with my next attempt to try to make you smile, too!
Divorce "Joke of the Day:"  What famous country music singer's name sounds like two dolls getting a divorce?
Answer:  Dolly "Partin'"
Now, I suppose you will say: When is this divorce attorney going to tell a divorce joke that's actually funny!?  Have a good week!


  1. Hey ~ at least you are not one those lawyers 'taking life so seriously' ~ Life is suppose to be fun ~ despite the 'propaganda we were told as children ~ So glad you having some fun in your day ^_^

  2. Thank you for your visit and kind comment! I hope everyone will visit your fine site, too!