Monday, July 5, 2010

Is Divorce Always Bad For Kids?

Here's some encouraging news about the effect of divorce on children. According to a new study out of Montclair State University, staying together just for the sake of the kids might, in some cases, actually do them more harm than good. Researchers interviewed children of divorce when they were young and then again more recently, after they became adults.
One interesting result of the study is that children who grew up in families with a lot of fighting and conflict fared better if their parents divorced.
Doesn't this result make sense? In other words, doesn't it seem more likely that kids who are exposed to fighting longer will suffer more in future relationships than kids whose parents ended the fighting more quickly with a divorce?
Look, I realize that every situation is different. Also, even though I am an Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyer, please don't mis-interpret this post as a promotion for more legal business! Trust me, there are plenty of divorce cases out there already!
But isn't it good that this study at least offers some encouraging news for parents who feel the need to seek help from a divorce attorney? What do you think?

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