Thursday, July 8, 2010

Divorce and Adultery Around the World

As an Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyer, I have offered, in this blog, a lot of practical tips and information about adultery, which you should discuss with your own divorce attorney. In particular, we have discussed some of the serious consequences of cheating, along with some posts about how to prove adultery in Georgia.
Yes, the consequences of infidelity can be significant. For example, you could potentially lose a good shot at alimony. You might even lose child custody in some cases.
However, none of these problems faced by an adulterer in this state can compare to the terrible problems faced today by a 43 year old woman in Iran. Have you seen the shocking news?
According to news reports, Ms. Sakineh Ashtiani faces death by stoning this weekend, following her conviction of adultery. The reports further indicate that she has already served five years in prison and endured 99 lashes for the alleged offense.
In my opinion, this punishment is outrageous! Here's hoping that international pressure will save this poor woman from being stoned to death for adultery. Don't you totally agree? What do you think?

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