Sunday, July 25, 2010

Divorce, Divorce Lawyers, and Stress

As we have discussed before in this blog about divorce and divorce lawyers, divorces can be very stressful for the parties and all others involved. But have you ever considered how stressful being a divorce attorney can be? Can you imagine what it's like to get telephone calls from clients, or prospective clients, who are upset about the prospect of losing a child custody battle, or about the consequences of their adultery, among other problems?
Trust me, I have learned that being a divorce lawyer in Augusta, Georgia can be a very stressful profession! But I really enjoy helping divorce clients and want to continue doing it. That is why I try to exercise regularly. And that is also why, last week, I got away from the office for a much needed vacation!
Regular exercise and vacations may not eliminate the stress of handling divorce cases, but hopefully, I will be better able to cope with all the challenges and be a better divorce lawyer!
Look, I realize that being a divorce lawyer is not the only stressful occupation out there! What sorts of stressors do you face in your job and how do you cope with them?

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