Sunday, June 13, 2010

Is Divorce Contagious?

Do you believe divorce is contagious? In other words, do you believe that you are more likely to get a divorce simply because a friend or family member is getting one?
Well, as reported by CNN, a new study conducted by Professor James H. Fowler, a political science professor from the University of California, suggests that there is a strong correlation between others getting a divorce and the possibility of your own! In fact, according to the study, the strongest correlation lies between friends. Supposedly, if your close friend gets a divorce, it is 147% more likely that you will get one, too!
So, what do you think about this study? Does the mere fact that your friend may choose to see a divorce lawyer make it more likely that you would be influenced to consider the same thing? Or would you stick with "Sluggo" no matter what your friends do?!


  1. I love that you call this person "Sluggo". I think lots of people that fence sit tend to jump off when they see a friend do it.

    If there isn't cheating or abuse which are deal breakers, then my biggest belief is that marriage is all about perception. The everyday stuff can become a pile of garage or a funny quirk it's all how a person wants to look at it. But I've only been married 18 years so I don't know if I'm a success yet! I think it also helps to have a great sense of humor. :o)

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