Friday, June 11, 2010

Celebrity Divorces: Shania Twain and How Do You Get Your Mojo Back After A Divorce?

As Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyers, we see how devastating divorces can be, both emotionally and otherwise. So, the question naturally arises: How do you get your "mojo," or drive and energy, back, following a divorce?
Perhaps Shania Twain, the incredibly talented singer, offers some good ideas by her example! Following her recent divorce, after her spouse reportedly had an affair with her assistant and friend, Ms. Twain has thrown herself back into her work. She reportedly has a new television program in the works and has even been rumored as a possible replacement for Simon Cowell on American Idol. In addition, she has been spotted in public with the ex-husband of the woman with whom her ex-husband reportedly had the affair!
Now, no one should suggest that you, or anyone else who has gone through a divorce, should follow Ms. Twain's example in every respect! But here's hoping that you, like Ms. Twain, will be able to throw yourself into new activities and get your mojo back!

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