Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Celebrity Divorce: Al and Tipper Gore

This new bit of news, about the reported separation of Al and Tipper Gore, appears to have caught most observers, (and a lot of the couple's acquaintances), completely off guard. No allegations of adultery have been made. And no other reasons were volunteered by the couple, other than that they have drifted apart. And no other reasons need to be given, publicly, in my opinion.
But a divorce after 40 years of marriage does raise some other questions. For example, why do couples generally split up after such long marriages? What steps can they take to avoid it?
What do you think?


  1. Why should they avoid it?
    After 40 years together it's probably not the first time they've thought of splitting up. It seems like a mutual decision and in that case it's probably the best for both of them.

    It is unfortunate, there are [grown] children involved and splitting up a family is never a good thing.. But why hold onto something just for the sake of holding on? We should focus on being happy and compassionate... not just holding onto old tradition simply because they are traditions.

    Otherwise we'd never need divorce lawyers, am I right? ;)

  2. Thanks again for the visit and comments. I guess you are correct--if there were no divorces, there would surely be no need for divorce lawyers!

  3. Hi, It's been awhile since I stopped by! I also blogged about the Gore's divorce. (Mine had a bit of a different twist on it! LOL)

    It does seem strange after that long to call it quits. It's not like she has to wash his undies and they have a couple of houses so if they got sick of each other they could each go one way. I always giggle at my great aunt who had my great uncle live in the house next door so when she got sick of him she'd send him "home." One just never knows.

  4. Facebook Addict, Thanks for stopping by--your post about the Gores was funnier than mine! Thanks again for the visit and comments!