Monday, June 7, 2010

Celebrity Divorce: LeAnn Rimes -- Is There Still Any Social Stigma Attached to Divorce or Adultery?

Have you seen or read about People Magazine's latest article about country music singer LeAnn Rimes? According to published reports, it appears that Ms. Rimes is taking responsibility for the widely reported divorce and break-up of her marriage, after reports surfaced that she was having an affair with actor Eddie Cibrian, (who, like Rimes, was also then married). According to various news reports, Rimes and Cibrian are now a couple. Frankly, I don't know whether this is all a p.r. campaign, or whether this is heartfelt contrition. But I really don't care either. That is for others to decide. In other words, I have a different point to make here.
Laying aside any questions, or issues, about Ms. Rimes' alleged adultery, divorce, and contrition, that case raises the following interesting issues:
In your opinion, is there less social stigma today about a person committing adultery than twenty-five years ago? If so, is that a good thing?
Also, is there a different moral standard for celebrities?
Finally, don't you agree that there is clearly less social stigma attached to divorce, generally? And isn't that, at least, a good thing?
What do you think?


  1. To be honest I can't really say, seeing as I was barely born 25 years ago :)

    The development I've seen, and am still seeing, is that first.. There is a different standard for celebrities, politicians.. "people out there", as opposed to people you know personally. If you know the couple it's shocking, if they live in Hollywood it's expected.

    Second, it seems to me (though I don't much to compare it with) that adultery is more accepted among celebrities than before. There's a reason why hitting the five year mark is considered a huge success in Hollywood, Temptations are everywhere, sex is everywhere. What used to be swept under the rug, hidden, an embarassment, is now plastered all over the tabloids by papparazi hidden in the bushes.

    Nothing is private or personal in Hollywood. The betrayal was always there.. it just wasn't there for us to spy on.

  2. Thank you for your visit and comments! You make a number of good observations. For instance, you have a good point about the fact that with a 24/7 news cycle, and carnivorous media, celebrities' problems and dirty linen are pushed to the forefront. Thanks again!