Monday, April 12, 2010

Phil Mickelson--Masters Champion

After all the reports of Tiger Woods' marital problems and alleged adultery, wasn't it a pleasant change to see a nice family guy win the Masters Golf Tournament yesterday?!
In my opinion, Phil Mickelson is a champion in more ways than one!
And by the way, just because the Goolsby Law Firm is located in Augusta, Georgia, please don't think that you can hit us up for Masters badges next year! Sometimes, it seems, folks from out of town have a better chance to get tickets than us home town people!
Congratulations, Phil Mickelson, Masters champion and Marital champion!

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  1. Hi - Paul here (aka Magicdarts) via Real Bloggers United - funny I've only just posted an article myself around Phil Mickelsons triumph - I agree he's a true life champion , and the likes of Tiger could win a hundred more majors and he would still never be as fulfilled or as complete a person as Phil Mickelson in my view

    Look forward to reading more over the coming weeks and months!