Monday, April 26, 2010

Divorce "Joke of the Day!"

Okay, as a divorce lawyer in Augusta, Georgia, I certainly realize that divorce is no laughing matter! And while we usually try to offer here some practical divorce information for you to discuss with your own divorce lawyer, sometimes we also simply try to entertain you and try to make a dry topic less dry! So, here goes with another attempt at a divorce "joke of the day!"

One day, the shopping carts of two old men collided while the old men were separately shopping at Walmart. They began talking and soon discovered that they each had become separated from their wives while shopping there. They decided to help each other look for their missing wives.

The first old man said to the second old man, "Describe your wife for me." The second old man replied, "Well, last year, after going through a horrible divorce from my ex-wife of forty years, I found a sweet young thing and got re-married. My new wife is a 25 year old blonde, and today, she's wearing a polka dot mini-skirt." The second old man then said to the first old man, "So, now, you tell me what your wife looks like."

"Never mind," said the first old man. "We'll just look for your's!" Okay, okay, I promise no more "jokes of the day" for a while!


  1. Interesting how even lawyers can tell a good story after being the object of so many.

  2. Very cute! It's nice to see a divorce lawyer with a great sense of humor, cheers! :-)

  3. Warren, Thanks for the comment. Actually, I enjoy good lawyer jokes, too!

    Kimmy, Thank you, too, for the visit and comment. Hopefully, having a sense of humor can keep one sane!