Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Celebrity Divorces: Sandra Bullock

After widespread news reports of her husband's alleged adultery, popular actress Sandra Bullock has reportedly just filed for divorce. But the same news reports also revealed a nice surprise! They revealed that Ms. Bullock and her spouse, Jesse James, had adopted a baby boy back in January. According to news reports, Ms. Bullock intends to seek custody of their adopted son and she will raise him as a single parent.
This case raises some interesting issues about single parenting. Single parenting is nothing new in this country, or in most places around the world. Indeed, according to Wikipedia, in 2006, 12.9 million families in the United States were headed by single parents. 80% of them were headed by single mothers.
Naturally, single parenting presents some challenges. In many cases, it means that there is only one income to support the family. There are also some social challlenges, such as, in some cases, the lack of a father for father-daughter events. What other challenges are there for families headed by single parents?
Don't you agree that single parenting CAN work?! Children of divorce can and do grow up to be well adjusted adults. Perhaps you know some success stories! What do you think?
In any event, I am confident that all of us wish Ms. Bullock success in raising her adopted son!


  1. absolutely it can work, and she's well shut of Jesse James in my humble opinion - at least the kid won't have any resemblance/connection with him either so that should make it easier!

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